2002-08-24 Pukkelpop festival, Hasselt-Kiewitt, Belgium

NOTE: Efter “Mr. Brownstone” spørger Axl publikum: “Hey is uh… I don’t know if I… I say it right. Do you pronounce the ‘J’? How about ‘Here today, gone to Belgium’ for Jarmo!” Før “You Could Be Mine” rapper Axl et par linier: “Ain’t no way you’re gonna break my flow” – fra DMX sangen “Ain’t No Way”.

Welcome to the jungle
It’s so easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live and let die
Think about you
You could be mine
Sweet child o’ mine
Knockin’ on heaven’s door
Out ta get me
Riad n’ the bedouins
Buckethead Guitar solo
Chinese democracy
Piano solo/November rain
Street of dreams
Rocket queen
Buckethead Guitar solo
My Michelle
Robin Finck Guitar solo
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