2002-08-26 London arena, London, England

NOTE: GN’R spiller for 12,500 fans. Under “Welcome To The Jungle” prøver nogen at smide en KFC spand på scenen til Axl. Sikkerhedsmændene smider den tilbage til publikum, men Axl ser det, og beder dem smide den tilbage, og han tager den på i et par minutter. Efter ‘Mr. Brownstone,’ siger Axl til publikum: “How you doin? I’m doin’ pretty good, thanks for asking. It’s good to be here in lively old England. See you didn’t even think I knew where I was! Um… I want to uh… I wanna say that I learned that I’m as big as a house! So I think I… I’m owed some rent money! I think that there’s a little pussy-ass writer over at NME that owes me some rent money… for livin’ inside my ass! Uh, just… just playin’ around. This is ‘Live And Let Die!'” Efter “Chinese Democracy” siger Axl: “Now, there’s been some concern… that if we play 5 or 6 new songs, then there can’t that many more on the album. Au contraire mon frère! We’re just playin’ the songs we’re not considering putting out as singles or anything. So you’ll get 18 songs and about 10 extra tracks. And when that… when the record company feels that has run [it’s] source, then you’ll get it all over again. And by that time, I should be done with the 3rd album! So we’ll see if all goes well boys and girls! And if Uncle Axl proves not to be an asshole – we’ll have to see, the jury’s still out.” Han vender sig mod Tommy og spørger: “Wait, was that a rant? Does that qualify as a rant or was that just nonsense? It was under 5? OK, it’s… it doesn’t qualify, wasn’t long enough!” Før “The Blues” spøger Axl: “What’s that smell? Did I sh*t my pants? What the f*ck! I think I… I think I sh*t my riches! Uh, we’re gonna keep the piano out. Bring down… Mr. Dizzy Reed. Mr. Dizzy Reed, please report to the black courtesy piano. Please report to the black courtesy piano, Mr. Dizzy Reed!”.

Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die
Think About You
You Could Be Mine
Guitar Solo [Robin]
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Out Ta Get Me
Chinese Democracy
Rhiad And The Bedouins
Buckethead Guitar Solo
Piano Solo/November Rain
The Blues
Buckethead Acoustic Guitar Solo
Rocket Queen
My Michelle
Robin Guitar Solo
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