2002-11-22 Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

NOTE: Denne dato var oprindelige planlagt for Rupp Arena i Lexington, KY. Før Patience fortæller Axl om en pige der ville have hans autograf: “…I was in this restaurant bar and… there was this girl ..and she seemed to be excited…and wanted an autograph, … then i finished eating and then she wanted to talk…. and then she proceeded to rip me into asshole…. i was like “where did you get that stuff?!?..” and she was like “I read the internet, i know what’s going on!”…(laughs) yeah there’s a fuckin’ reliable source there….. well, i find out what’s happening in my own band on the internet, so… it’s a handy tool, the internet…. this is song called Patience… “

Welcome to the jungle
It’s so easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live and let die
Knockin’ on heaven’s door
Think about you
You could be mine
Robin Finck Guitar solo
Sweet child o’ mine
Out ta get me
Piano solo/November rain
Buckethead Guitar solo
Rocket queen
The Blues
Chinese democracy
Robin Finck Guitar solo
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